What can we do for you?

Have you always dreamt to learn more about science and technology? Are you a teacher looking for help to teach science in an innovative and fun way? Are you a parent looking for funny and didactic games to play with your children? Are you a researcher and want to better communicate your research? In this area you can find information about what Speak Science can do for you.

Do you want to organize a public event?
Science Festival, exhibits, music concerts, touristic tours: there are many different situations for science to be on stage. Speak Science works in this field, also thanks to a portable Planetarium and to the spherical monitor Planets in a room.

Do you want to organize activities for your school?
Contact us if you are a teacher and want to develop a science project or want to get in touch with scientific research: your school can be hosted in the Astrogarden at RomaTRE, we can organize some science shows with the Planetarium or organize a conference with Planets in a room.

Do you want help to communicate the results of your research?
Are you a researcher and would you like to disseminate the results of your work? Congresses, space mission launches, announcements of scientific discoveries are only a few examples of important moments for the scientific community. Communicating them to the public is one of our targets. Speak Science can collaborate with research institutes and universities to organize a Press Office, to build a dedicated website, to organize a social campaign and to do many other things…

This website is under construction. Come to visit us to know more.

Contact us at info@speakscience.it .